Interactive dashboard and forecasting tool supports data-driven decision making, enabling subscribers to identify, analyze, and forecast market trends.

What insight do you need?

TraQr interactive dashboard

An interactive dashboard and forecasting tool

TraQr Markets

Combines input data on key market consumption, macroeconomic indicators, and raw materials

TraQr industries-operating

On industries operating throughout the specialty chemicals value chain

TraQr Raw-Materials

For use by raw materials suppliers, formulators, distributors, end users, and investors

TraQr In-a-user-friendly

In a user-friendly format that is easy to navigate, filter, and customize, and can be saved and shared to make data-driven decision making smooth and effective

Harnessing the Power of Business Cycle Analysis

 What Can Coatings TraQr® Do For You?

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Data-Driven Decision Making with TraQr® 2.0

Use Coatings TraQr® to more easily identify, analyze, and forecast market trends for the global paints and coatings industry, through its ability to guide better informed purchasing, pricing, expansion, cost saving, and development decisions. Other vertical industries will follow in the future.

TraQr® is built on Microsoft’s Power BI platform, the industry leader for data analysis and visualization. In addition to the visualization tools, TraQr® leverages Power BI’s “key influencers”, using machine learning and AI (artificial intelligence) algorithms to quickly analyze data and rank factors based on their level of impact. TraQr®‘s capability to model and integrate combinations of factors that drive revenue and profit growth, including macro-economic indicators, industry consumption data, and raw materials pricing data, against an enterprise’s sales data to analyze its business cycle phases, is what makes it the first tool of its kind for the specialty chemicals industry.

TraQr® requires an annual subscription.

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