Operational & Manufacturing Efficiencies

Designed to Improve Plant Operations and Efficiency

How can you implement and sustain improvements in manufacturing processes and production?

Are your systems and processes operating at optimal levels?

Can your supply chain performance be improved?

Are you able to improve quality performance results over time?

Are you considering reshoring, expansion, or relocation of your current facility?

Our Operational & Manufacturing Efficiencies Process

It starts with a conversation, protected by a Non-Disclosure Agreement, and leads to a personalized proposal to meet the objectives we jointly identify. Our work product includes:

Areas of Concentration can include:

Plant & Process Design & Optimization | Project Stewardship | Lean Processes

Supply Chain Strategy & Management | Procurement Value Chain Modeling

Robust Analytics of Pricing & Margins | Construction Strategy and Management

Our Results

Improved Production Rate/OEE

Yield/Quality Improvement

Reduction of Processing/Waste Costs

Alternate Processing Options

Optimizing Fixed Costs

Reducing Inventory

Operational & Manufacturing Efficiencies Success Stories

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