The ChemQuest Technology Institute

The ChemQuest Technical Institute

Industry’s Leading Knowledge Resource Center

Transforming Industry Insight and Creative Inspiration into Sustainable Growth

A facility where our forty-year history of guiding companies with business and market strategy, commercial and operational efficiency expertise, and technology development comes to fruition. The Technology Institute has expanded ChemQuest’s capabilities by offering practical knowledge to our customers through our ability to synthesize, formulate, apply coatings and adhesives, validate test data and benchmark against industry standards. All of this information is ultimately used to help prepare products for commercialization, train technical and sales teams as well educate end users. We know of no other facility quite like ours, and welcome visitors to see us firsthand.

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As industry consolidation and lean initiatives reduced resources and flexibility, we recognized an emerging need for our clients to create and test new products in a realistic application environment. Until now, these facilities were largely captive and unavailable to our broad base of client companies. At the new facility we are able to serve the coatings, adhesives, sealants, and other formulated product industries in a controlled environment with protection of confidentiality and intellectual property.

We look forward to applying our extensive experience in raw materials, formulated products and end-user markets to your next business challenge.


To accelerate value realization and maximize profits by ensuring the technical and commercial feasibility of our clients’ products and materials

The ChemQuest Technology Institute provides our broad customer base access to an integrated resource that can help shape new technology and engineer creative solutions to complex problems. Our services, which range from molecular architecture to sophisticated application research, support and accelerate our clients’ growth objectives. Our vision is to open imaginative new vistas enabling excellence in research.
Dan Murad, President


Creation: Synthesis


Develop or enhance materials at the molecular level for sustainable differentiation

Core competencies:

  • Chemical synthesis (monomers, polymers, nanocomposites)
  • Molecular design or optimization
  • Fundamental structure and property relationships
  • Unlocking the potential of existing or new molecules
  • Strategic Alliance – Tetramer Technologies
Solutions: Formulation Assistance


Customized development to meet current business needs

  • R&D partner
  • Cost analysis of formulation or formulary impact of new raw materials
  • Optimize formulations to particular end-use market segments
  • Reformulate to meet governmental regulations, product obsolescence, or rationalization of raw materials
Validation: Independent Evaluation


Document proof of performance through product and application specific testing and evaluation

  • Third-party validation and preparation of commercial data
  • Compare different technologies and manufacturing methods
  • Intelligence driven commercialization
  • Data packages designed to go to market
Optimization: Application Process Testing


Simulate customer application process for smoother market acceptance

  • Refine and optimize application processes in a controlled, replicate environment using production and field-proven equipment
  • Provide iterative formulation development using real-time application results
  • Accelerate market acceptance with application performance data and defined application process
  • Define Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for marketing and training purposes
Commercialization: Valuation & Education


Educate the sales force, channel partners, and customers in our training facility

  • Classroom, laboratory & hands-on equipment – mix and match to individual requirement
  • ChemQuest consultants available to provide market information presentations
  • Meeting rooms, presentation rooms, teleconferencing
  • Accredited training courses taught on site



Plasmatreat USA, Inc.
2541 Technology Drive, Suite 407 • Elgin, IL 60124

Customized Surface Treatments using Atmospheric Plasma and Low-Pressure Plasma

Plasma pretreatment is the key enabler technology for microfine cleaning, surface activation and plasma coating of nearly all kinds of materials – from plastics, metals and glass to cardboard, textiles and composites.

More and more conventional industrial pretreatment methods are being replaced by plasma technology in order to make processes more effective and environmentally friendly.

Heraeus Noblelight

Heraeus Noblelight America LLC
910 Clopper Road • Gaithersburg, MD 20878

The Heraeus Noblelight Americas UV business provides industrial UV curing solutions utilizing UV-LED, microwave, and arc lamp technologies.

Heraeus Noblelight America will be providing microwave and UV-LED curing technologies to the ChemQuest Technology Institute to support further development of UV applications, formulations, and raw material development.

Heraeus Noblelight counts itself among the market and technology leaders worldwide for special lamps with wavelengths from ultraviolet to infrared for industrial, scientific, and medical applications.


The ChemQuest Technical Institute
1100 Confroy Drive, Suite #2 • South Boston, VA 24592